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Introduction of Jia-Na elementary school

Jia-Na elementary school is mostly composed of Bunun in haidaum township in Taitung. The location is almost surrounded by mountains, but with Taitung rift valley in the east. Located in such picturesque geographical environment, our school has an amazing view of Taitung’s landscape. Situated in such high altitude, students in our school predominately come from nearby tribes, including jia-le, jia-ping and jia-he. The distance from these tribes to our school would not exceed one kilometer; therefore, it is quite convenient for the students to walk to school.

However, the decreasing trend of the population of students is found in recent year. The reason may be related to the absence of work opportunity. More and more family are moving to western part of Taiwan in seeking for better life. Consequently, there are only 37 students in our primary school, and 15 students in our preschool. Although the population of students in our school is not much, we still own the best teamwork which contsists of 15 teachers and 5 staffs. The ratio between student and teacher in our school is relative adequate, thereby students can gain more attention and care from the teachers. Furthermore, the software and hardware facilities are enough to use. There are also three special classrooms that enable students to own more roomeage for skillful learning. We intend to improve our capability day by day in order to create a better environment for the children.

Besides above-mentioned information, we also provide a well-rounded program of instruction using the best educational practices appropriate to the cultural, intellectual and social needs of the students. Localized education that we notice is a form of education which helps these students to recognize their aboriginal cultures and improve their ability in speaking mother tongue. Moreover, we would also combine the original culture with several activities, such as orientation activity. Further, combination with nearby community is also a critical source to help our students in not only curriculum but also benefit activities. On the other hand, thanks to our kind and generous public community, we have gained extra external resources, such as nutritional breakfast supplying and equipment replacing. Due to the development and resources, it promotes our school to gain more chances in providing better learning chances and surroundings to students.

We are doing our best to help each of our students to improve their abilities and to achieve their dreams. Our school has focused on creating a clear statement of its vision, mission and goals to guide its decisions in curriculum development, learning environment, and student evaluation. In the future, we still strive to do our best to offer students better learning resources. For your information, our school has a unique blend of aboriginal style, we sincerely welcome you to visit our school, it will definitely add some colors to your life.